Project Description


Chiller Replacement – Technical Block

  • Replace the existing chillers with new Smardt- Powerpax air cooled remote condenser centrifugal chillers
  • CH-2 (replaces CH-3) 400kW (Low load operation)
  • CH-1 (replaces CH-1 and CH-2) 550kW
  • Replace all existing CHW pumps and provide with new duty and standby
  • Provide new refrigeration monitoring and alarm system within the plantroom interlocked to the plantroom ventilation
  • Replace the existing remote air cooled condensers on the roof with new plant
  • New MSSB
  • Provide a stand-alone chiller management and control system.
  • Install new 2000Ltr CHW Aqua Zone buffer tank.



  • Chiller Replacement – Studio Block
  • 2 x Smardt-PowerPax Chillers Model LA059
  • Baker Block Pumps – 3 x CHW pumps
  • Baker Block Pumps – 3 x CW pumps
  • New MSSB
  • 6 x VLT HVAC VSD
  • Install 1 x 2000 Ltr CHW Aqua Zone buffer Tank
  • Expansion of chiller plant BMCS Control system