Bespoke Preventative Maintenance Programmes

Bespoke Preventative Maintenance Programmes

Velocity Air specialise in providing programmed servicing of the complete range of mechanical services ranging from small office premises through to commercial buildings (currently up to 60,000m2).

Predictive maintenance programs

Programs are available and can be customised to your requirements.

  • Holistic inspection, analysis and reporting of your heating, cooling and ventilation, filtration, air distribution, waterside and control systems
  • Mechanical services fire inspections.
  • Provide advice on how to improve operating efficiency.

Velocity Air can provide life-cycle assessments and report on the current condition of plant and equipment and provide special chiller services like Eddy Current Testing to chiller heat exchanger tubes, Thermographic Testing of switchboards and electrical equipment.

Your ongoing water treatment requirements, including chemical dosing / monitoring, cooling tower cleaning and periodic TPC/Legionella reporting can be administered as part of your maintenance programme.