Project Description

Mechanical Services Upgrade Works

  • Upgrade of the existing main cooling towers with 2 x Evapco forced draft counterflow stainless steel cooling towers.
  • Upgrade of the existing low load chiller to a 900kW SMARDT Powerpax magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller
  • Service and recommissioning of the existing main load Trane chiller.
  • Upgrade of the existing chilled and condenser water pumps with new Southern Cross close coupled centrifugal pumps.
  • Upgrade of the existing main and retail condenser water chemical treatment and side stream filtration systems.
  • Alteration of the existing chilled water and condenser water steel
  • Provision of a new plant room ventilation system to serve the level 17 chiller plant
  • Modification of the existing smoke exhaust/outside air economy cycle relief systems
  • All required electrical and controls works to suit the above mechanical upgrades.